Where did all the wealth of the people go?
Certainly not to fix the crumbling roads,
Certainly not to rebuild America.
City streets should be paved in gold
With the 25 trillion that they stole
From every home in every city
Sinking Into the 21st century

Master elite feast while the people
Eat left over scraps from a bullwhip lash,
Salt water poisonous seas of a leviathan.
Its tentacles wrap all around
Controlling more and more powerfully,
As we hypnotically drink away
Sinking Into the 21st century

250 years old
And we’re 25 trillion in the hole,
Where did all the wealth go?
Oh! Tell me where did it go?

With our stolen gold their palaces grow
Deeply built where we may never go,
Where no longer is the sweat of our brow
A necessary need when master can
Feed himself digital bread at high-speed,
So what happens to the ripped off masses
Sinking Into the 21st century?

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